Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day
May 25, 2015

Seems a good time to send out images of what I've been making over last year or so.    

This is the first completed of what I call my Library series.  

I have standing by at least one more library not yet completed.  It seems the most challenging part is chosing the presentation phase.  The inspiration/statement I was trying to embody has to do with the transitions libraries are going through and what I've experienced as a devaluing of libraries.

Making lots of little books for me is much easier, indeed is joyous and doesn't present that old issue of what is "the best way" to do something.  

For year 2015 I decided to follow the book by Franz Zeier called Books, Boxes and Portfolios.  I made one box and between the internet and some other inspiring books abandoned his book and went down the way of origami.  I've been exploring two of its paths:  making small boxes so that the accordion books inside will pop out - a book in a box and making rosaries.

I may need to explore video techniques to develop the popping books, so I've set that aside for now and have been making rosaries of paper orgami formed beads.  They are big and for some reason I get a great kick out them.  My friends in The Time Project also seemed to like them.

Here's the first.

It's hanging on the door to illustrate its size.  I have made a smaller one but that's not as much fun for some reason.

I'm not sure if anyone will read/see this, but it helps me to organize my thoughts--to look back and also plan ahead.

That's all for now.