Monday, April 04, 2011

April 2011

This piece seemed to make itself.  I was working myself up to doing my taxes by sorting out the various paperwork items I'd received, when I happened to notice the different patterns on the inside of the window envelopes they came in.  They gave me the perfect diversion from the main task and one thing led to another. Then, I impulsively tried one of the filters in Photoshop Elements and it changed the color scheme to one I much preferred.  I don't understand how it changed the colors but they seemed to reflect early spring more than what I had before.  I'll show the Time Travelers at the next meeting what I had before and also  the envelopes.  Kay Dolezal

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Broadside - March 2011

This is the latest version of this broadside, although I'm not entirely satisfied.  I have widened it, but that isn't so practical for anything but virtual posting at this point,  since it would require a 13" x 19" paper and lots and lots of ink to run off many copies.  Although I did test to see if the ink ran and it did not.  At any rate I feel I'll let it sit awhile and move on to April. 
After the intensity that preceded it the Time Project presentation at the Stonewall Institute was lovely evening.  I was bowled over by the warmth and receptivity of the audience and as always by the work the group is doing.  K. Dolezal

Saturday, March 05, 2011

February 2011

The Snow Queen's Parlor           2011
This scene appeared in the window of my front door and I tried to capture it.  I found myself mesmerized by the image.  I worked most of the month with various layers and text but in the end I decided to stay with the original photo.  I call it the Snow Queen's Parlor, although I know a queen probably doesn't have a parlor.  I decided not to use the poem I wrote because it seemed the image spoke for itself.  That meant abandoning my plan to produce a broadside, but I have learned that it's best to follow the work when it is leading you.
I hope next month's piece will not deal with snow.  Kay Dolezal

Friday, January 28, 2011

Broadside for Time Project 2011- January

I decided to post this now because it fell into place this week and I thought people might enjoy seeing something to counterbalance the heaviness of the weather and the world news.  I had stumbled on a book of Chinese poets from the early dynasties.   The Lexington library had a display for the Chinese New Year. This poet is from the Tang dynasty.  At any rate you can guess why a poem about snow caught my attention.  I also love the tradition of writing a response to a poem.  So that's what I did and then I took some photos of the snow.  Kay Dolezal