Saturday, March 26, 2011

Broadside - March 2011

This is the latest version of this broadside, although I'm not entirely satisfied.  I have widened it, but that isn't so practical for anything but virtual posting at this point,  since it would require a 13" x 19" paper and lots and lots of ink to run off many copies.  Although I did test to see if the ink ran and it did not.  At any rate I feel I'll let it sit awhile and move on to April. 
After the intensity that preceded it the Time Project presentation at the Stonewall Institute was lovely evening.  I was bowled over by the warmth and receptivity of the audience and as always by the work the group is doing.  K. Dolezal


Sandie Fenton said...

I was bowled over too. I like this piece a lot. What is it that you'revnot pleased with? I keep thinking and wondering about where all these broadsides (posters) will go!

Sandie Fenton said...
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