Sunday, April 22, 2007

A beautiful spring Sunday and here I am at the computer - before taking a walk and doing some yard work. Here it is peaceful. For which I am thankful - but I realize that it is a matter of luck. Watched a program on WGBH where an historian was interviewed about when something is history. I think that there is something to be said for not being part of history.
Also my goal with this posting is to try again to attach some images either of my work or of images that inspire or influence my work. It looks like they did get attached.
The first image is one of a little Iraqi girl named Shams, one year old whose mother was reportedly killed in the incident that burned Shams. An uncle is trying to obtain medical care for her. I'm trying to develop a piece using her face. It's in the graphing stage. The photograph was taken by Eros Hoagland on 3/19/07.
The second image is one of my pieces called Child of War. It was completed in 2005.Click on picture to enlarge.
That's all for now

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