Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Week #50 for Time Project

I was still influenced by the lovely Time Project meeting last Sunday and forgot to post this yesterday.  It's actually a haiga I created last summer but was unable to post till now because it was published in the winter on an online journal called Haigaonline.  I have revised the haiku somewhat since, so this is a somewhat different haiku.
When I first wrote it the reference was to the soothing quality of a cat's nature.  However, this cat has a bad habit of waking me up if she gets hungry at night, either by meowing or by nudging the closet door till the sound wakes me. Her name is Sweetie Pie, but I have said I should have called her Bossy.  I liked that Photoshop could change a color photo into a black and white which better expressed what I wanted to say and also related to my cat's coloring.  Kay Dolezal

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