Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30, 2017

I've decided to use my blog to express my thoughts and feelings about what is happening to our country.  That includes some poetry I have written.  Mostly I haven't written political poetry, but it seems called for at this time.  This one was inspired by a news  clip about Aleppo.

As it rains on a street in syria

The people move slowly; in cold weather clothing.

They might be strolling except each adult carries a duffel bag;

Some balance sleeping bags on their heads; 

each child wears a back-pack except one very small child

who wears a pink hat with a pom-pom.

It’s clear they are together; but they spread out from one another. 

In the rubble that spreads to the horizon

shattered apartment buildings reveal their bones.

The images are on TV and computer screens,

many showing the violence as it happens

taken at grave danger for those who send them.

I witness these refugees and feel as helpless

as if they were fleeing centuries ago instead of now,

this very day toward America’s closing doors.

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