Friday, September 25, 2009

Week #5

September 25, 2009

Here is the haiga I made for the fifth week of the project.  It is an effort to describe my experience of time.  Being a part of the Time Project was very well timed for me.  I just turned 75 and so I'm thinking about time and memory a lot these days.  The project has given me a way and a place to express my preoccupations.  Some of my effort is to express what seems inexpressible - vague thoughts and feelings, some from the past, some from the present and some from dreams. 

I have chosen the Japanese poetic form called haiga which is a combination of a haiku form and a visual expression which may or may not complement one another. Photoshop Elements gives me ways to combine bits and pieces of previous artwork I've done in a kind of digital collage.

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