Sunday, July 18, 2010

Week #47 Time Project

This week I've been taking early morning walks and snapping pictures of what I notice.  The heat wave this month has forced me to change from a night owl to an early riser and I hope against hope that the change will stick.  I love walking around the hill I live on.  There's a wonderful mixture of houses, most of them cheek by jowl.  There are houses that could have been farm houses, houses put in last week by developers and also small houses built after WWII.  Some yards are carefully tended, others less so.  Some are full of statuary, some full of swings and children's equipment. There's a great sense of individual choice rather than that everyone has to be the same which I appreciate since I tend to do other things before yardwork.  And there are strips of woods and trees and that's where I found this little cave.  It looked as if someone had placed these rocks there, but who knows.  Naturally it made me think of Joan's goddesses and the magical places they inhabit.  Kay Dolezal

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