Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week #48 - Time Project

This week I am using a quote that I had jotted down a number of years ago - I'm not sure when.  But it hit me between the eyes when I came across it this week.  So I have included it with a drawing I also did a number of years ago, about twenty I think.  I called it Night Driving. 

I had to google Maurice Merleau-Ponty since I had jotted down the quote but nothing about who he was.  He was a philosopher colleague of Sartre and the other existentialists.  Not much else he is quoted as saying makes too much sense to me, partly because it's the sort of dense intellectual prose that leaves me cold.  But that sentence seemed such an interesting way of thinking about time that I had to take a break from haiku and share it with the other time travelers.  Kay Dolezal

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