Monday, May 24, 2010

Week #39 Time Project Haiga

This piece was inspired by an actual robin's nest in my front yard.  And it also was an attempt to balance the impact of the bad news that seems to be all to be seen on TV or read about.  The moons are from a small piece of cloth I dyed with indigo about 20 years ago.  Tonight I'm beginning to review what I read about haiga almost a year ago.  As I've been making my own I've kind of forgotten what I read about the form.  The review was inspired by the great discussion we had yesterday at our monthly meeting - another good balance of positive input and congeniality.  Kay Dolezal

5/29/10  I've revised this haiga and image since I first posted it. I've been reviewing all my time project haiku and tanka and doing what I hope is improvng them. 

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