Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week #40 Time Project haiga

This week's effort is a memorial to a cactus I had with me from the sixth grade.  As the haiga indicates it came in a snall cat shaped vase and it was the tail pointing straight up as in the comics.  It lasted all that time growing bigger and bigger.  I cut off and planted the top and then over the years they became two big cacti.  They were around my height by this time.  A year or so ago I decided I had to just leave them outside in the garden (where they spent the summer) which I figured would be fatal - and it was.  I didn't have the strength to lug them in and out.  Plus I felt crowded out.  I made four cuttings, two from each.  They are now in the garden and seem to be doing well.  They are under a foot tall so we can live in harmony during the winter.
This torso - or so it seems to me - is what remains of one of the cactus ancesters.  And the background is from a piece of tissue that I peeled off the torso. 
That's probably more than you cared to know about my cactus dilemna.  So I'll end this tale of the cacti from Ohio. 
Kay Dolezal

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